Traceless was conceived to perform and record the great poems of the ages.

'There is a place where words are born of silence. A place where the whispers of the heart arise.' - Rumi

Traceless have just finished recording their new album, 'Rumi In Love', an album of poems by Rumi, the visionary poet, philosopher and mystic of the 13th century. Rumi, the "Shakespeare of the East" has become one of the most widely read poets in America and the West. The poems are translated by Jonathan Star from his book ' In the Arms of the Beloved'.

'Star’s translation of Rumi’s poetry is the best to date' - The Boston Book Review

‘A breathtakingly gorgeous presentation of the beyond- belief joy of liberated vision’ - Sylvia Boorstein

Anthony May, an actor, and Ceri Evans, a MOBO award winning musician form the core of Traceless.

When the agitations of the mind are at rest and the attention is not seeking outward distractions, awareness settles into the heart.

One is still aware of the outside world, but all of the world seems somehow gathered into the heart. The heart expands to encompass everything, indeed everything has always been held in the heart. You find that you are seated in supreme rest at the centre of the heart, touching everything without the need to reach out to do so. It is an experience of expansiveness without movement, of absolute contentment and interconnection.

This is the seat of the heart praised by poets and mystics throughout the centuries - Poetry Chaikana